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Unlocking the Secrets of Shanghainese Cuisine: A Masterclass at One Dragon

Unlocking the Secrets of Shanghainese Cuisine: A Masterclass at One Dragon

A Journey Through the Flavors of Shanghai

As I stepped into the bustling kitchen of One Dragon, the renowned Shanghai cuisine restaurant, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. The aroma of sizzling woks, the rhythmic chopping of knives, and the gentle hum of conversation created a symphony that spoke to the heart of Shanghainese culinary tradition. This was my chance to uncover the secrets that had captivated food enthusiasts the world over.

My host for this culinary adventure was none other than Chef John, a true master of authentic Chinese cooking. With over 35 years of experience, he had honed his skills in the finest kitchens from Shanghai to the world’s most prestigious restaurants. As he welcomed me, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of reverence, knowing that I was about to embark on a journey that few had the privilege to experience.

Chef John had spent decades perfecting his craft, starting as a young apprentice under the tutelage of master chefs in Shanghai. “My passion for traditional Chinese cuisine began when I was only 17 years old,” he shared, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. “It was there, in the bustling kitchens of Shanghai, that I developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the wide variety of styles and techniques that make up this rich culinary tradition.”

Unveiling the Wisdom of Shanghainese Cuisine

As we stepped into the kitchen, Chef John began to unveil the secrets of Shanghainese cuisine. “Chinese traditional dishes go back thousands of years,” he explained, “with an incredible outpouring of creativity and ideas. From ancient times to the present, people have been exploring the link between man and nature, and this is reflected in the way we cook.”

He went on to describe the underlying principles that guide Shanghainese cooking, rooted in the teachings of Confucius. “Confucius once said, ‘Do not eat food out of season.’ This means that your diet should be in accordance with the seasons, as the laws of nature must conform to the energy changes between heaven and earth, leading to improved health and well-being.”

This deep understanding of the connection between food, nature, and the human body was the foundation upon which Shanghainese cuisine was built. “The wisdom of healthy eating is deeply rooted in every corner of Chinese culture,” Chef John continued. “Behind the cooking methods that have been refined through history and passed down from generation to generation, there is not only the wisdom of life but also a hidden, yet extremely important message – to respect and awaken the memory of the Creator of nature and enhance our understanding of all things in the world.”

Mastering the Art of Shanghainese Cooking

As we donned our aprons and Chef John began to demonstrate the intricate techniques of Shanghainese cooking, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe. His movements were fluid, his knife skills precise, and his knowledge seemed to flow effortlessly from years of experience.

“In this course,” he explained, “I’ll be sharing with you the most practical cooking techniques, such as stir-frying, roasting, steaming, frying, wet-frying, deep-frying, and pan-grilling.” He then proceeded to showcase his expertise, guiding me through each step with meticulous attention to detail.

One particularly fascinating technique was Chef John’s method for achieving the perfect balance between sweet and sour in dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork. “This is a secret that you won’t find anywhere else,” he revealed, as he deftly combined the ingredients and meticulously timed the cooking process.

Throughout the lesson, Chef John also emphasized the importance of using the right ingredients and tools. “While a Chinese wok is traditionally used for Chinese food, you can still make restaurant-quality dishes in a frying pan on your stovetop,” he assured me. “And for the most part, we’ll be using the most common seasonings found in your kitchen, making the preparation simple, fun, and hassle-free.”

Discovering the Signature Dishes of Shanghai

As the class progressed, Chef John guided me through the preparation of eight classic Shanghainese dishes, each one more tantalizing than the last. From the succulent Crispy Pork Belly to the delicate Steamed Shrimp with Egg White, every dish was a masterclass in balance and flavor.

One dish that particularly piqued my interest was the Shanghai Wonton Soup. “The Shanghai wonton soup surprises not just because the dumplings are so generous and meaty,” Chef John explained, “but because the broth is flavored with dried baby shrimp and seaweed. The soup is enriched by cooked egg that has been painstakingly sliced the width of noodles.”

Another standout was the Fish Balls with Salty Egg Yolk. “Made from fish paste only, the fish balls are fried to perfection and coated with salted egg yolk sauce for an oozy, creamy, and extra umami flavor,” he described, his eyes sparkling with pride.

As I tasted each dish, I was struck by the depth of flavor and the perfect harmony between the ingredients. It was clear that Chef John’s mastery of Shanghainese cuisine went beyond mere recipes – it was a deep understanding of the underlying principles that shaped this culinary tradition.

Becoming a Shanghainese Cuisine Master

Throughout the masterclass, Chef John shared not only his cooking techniques but also his passion for the art of Shanghainese cuisine. He spoke of the joy he found in sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to explore the flavors of his beloved Shanghai.

“The beauty of Chinese cooking is that it conveys your warm heart with food,” he said, a gentle smile spreading across his face. “You can enjoy food and be happy just by cooking and passing that joy to other people.”

As I bid farewell to One Dragon and the culinary wonders it had unveiled, I couldn’t help but feel a newfound appreciation for the depth and complexity of Shanghainese cuisine. Thanks to Chef John’s masterful guidance, I now had the tools and the confidence to continue my journey of exploring and mastering the secrets of this rich culinary tradition.

And who knows, perhaps one day, I’ll be the one sharing the warmth and joy of Shanghainese cuisine with others, just as Chef John had done for me. After all, as he had said, “The wisdom of healthy eating is deeply rooted in every corner of Chinese culture,” and it’s up to us to carry on this legacy, one delicious dish at a time.



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