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Dim Sum Delight: Where to Find the Best Weekend Brunch

Dim Sum Delight: Where to Find the Best Weekend Brunch

Exploring the Best Places for Dim Sum Brunch

As someone who enjoys weekend brunches, I am always on the hunt for the best spots to enjoy delicious dim sum. Dim sum is the perfect food to enjoy on weekends with friends and family. In this article, I will explore some of the top rated restaurants in the city known for their amazing dim sum brunch spreads.

Yum Cha Cafe

The first place that comes to mind when thinking of dim sum brunch is Yum Cha Cafe. This café is beloved for its wide variety of freshly made dim sum. Every weekend, they roll out over 30 different kinds of dim sum for customers to choose from. Some of their most popular items include har gow shrimp dumplings, siu mai pork dumplings, BBQ pork buns and cheesy egg tarts. In addition to the dim sum, they also offer congee, noodle dishes and desserts. The vibrant dining room is always bustling with activity on weekends. On nice days, I like to sit outside on their patio and watch the bustle of the city around me while enjoying my meal.

Dim Sum Go Go

Second on my list is Dim Sum Go Go, known for its creative modern take on traditional dim sum favorites. Here, the dim sum dishes come with interesting twists. For example, their barbecue pork and shrimp shu mai are filled with cheese which melt sin your mouth. They are also famous for their truffle oil fried rice wrapped in lotus leaves. In addition to the regular dim sum cart service, they also offer sharing platters for those who want a sample of different items. The stylish and eclectic decor makes it a nice place for brunch with friends.

Golden Deli

For those looking for a more casual atmosphere, Golden Deli is a great option. This family-run restaurant has been a neighborhood staple for over 30 years. While they do not take reservations, lines typically move quickly on weekends. What makes Golden Deli stand out is their extensive menu selection – they offer over 50 types of homemade dim sum. Some of my favorites include their crispy prawn dumplings, steamed shrimp and chive dumplings, and barbecue pork buns. Prices are also very reasonable which is why it remains a local favorite. The restaurant has a no-frills decor but the delicious food more than makes up for it.

Comparing the Dim Sum Brunch Options

Restaurant Atmosphere Dim Sum Selection Reservations Average Price per Person
Yum Cha Cafe Bright, bustling 30+ items Recommended $$-$$$
Dim Sum Go Go Stylish, eclectic Creative twists on classics Recommended $$-$$$
Golden Deli Casual, neighbourhood vibe 50+ homemade items No reservations, lines move quickly $ – $$

Tips for Enjoying Dim Sum Brunch

Now that I’ve shared some top recommendations, here are some tips for enjoying dim sum brunch:

  • Go with a group: Dim sum is meant for sharing so going with family or friends makes the experience more fun.

  • Don’t fill up on one item: Part of the joy is trying different varieties so I try several smaller dishes rather than large portions of one or two favorites.

  • Ask your server for recommendations: Servers know what’s fresh that day so I always ask for their suggestions based on my preferences.

  • Visit during off-peak hours: Weekend brunch is most busy between 11am-1pm so going a bit earlier or later helps avoid lines.

  • Be patient: During busy times, servers have many tables to attend to so I relax and enjoy catching up with companions while waiting for additional dishes.

With these tips in mind, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful experience enjoying dim sum brunch at one of these top rated spots. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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